Here is a a link to the newest Cost vs Value table for remodeling projects for the Seattle area from Remodeling Magazine.   For those of you from  other regions of the country, the magazine’s current home page should lead you to the table for your neighborhood.

Even though it shows that the percentage of return from almost all projects has gone down this year, that should only be a small factor when deciding on a remodeling project.  Your current needs and long-term plans should be the primary driving forces when deciding to  remodel your home.

About US

Gary Brockerman – A one-of-a-kind craftsman who lives with his partner Jen and faithful pup Hope on Vashon Island Washington.  He has been creating beautiful living spaces in older homes for over 30 years.  His attention to detail and quality construction is well known throughout the region.   Good humor and and an excellent  rapport with all he meets makes him a joy to work with.

Christopher Hale- Has been in the industry for many years concentrating on remodeling and recycling homes in the Seattle area. He has worked both in the field and the office for some of the largest, most successful remodeling companies in Seattle.

Gary and Christopher have been friends  and worked together for over 20 years.  They are both committed to building quality projects with an emphasis on value, cleanliness and clear communication with their clients.


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